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Kevin and Mitzi Pederson

Team Leaders

Kevin and Mitzi have a blended family with four children, two sons in love and five grandkids.

Kevin and Mitzi lead a Bible study together for families that involve adults, teens, and kids through learning how to find Bible passages and discussing the passages.

Kevin attended Bible college for a short period, but made a career of law enforcement. He is now retired and has completed one year with the North Texas School of Ministry.

Kevin is part of our men's team and serves on the church board.

Mitzi leads the Women's Ministry at High Point.

Mitzi studied at Christ for the Nations and attended Christian Outreach Fellowship International, where she was ordained as a minister of the gospel. Mitzi has studied one year with the North Texas School of Ministry. She has recently decided to study to be ordained under the Assemblies of God. She has served and led in several areas of God's house. Her desire is to serve God and His people and watch peoples life’s change because of Gods Love.

Kevin and Mitzi Pederson
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