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Chris Barakat

Team Pastor

Pastor Chris has been married to Rita Barakat for thirty years with five children and one grandchild. He really enjoys spending time with family as much as possible. Chris and Rita have been involved in ministry as long as they have been married. Together, they directed Youth Choirs and Drama teams and participated in traveling ministry.

Chris serves as High Point's Youth Pastor and on the Worship Team helping with the audio production, and is also a Deacon on the Church Board. His passions are many, but his true calling is in Youth ministries. He states, "I can remember my time as a teen and how truly difficult it was to navigate those years, even if you are in a great family situation." Therefore his purpose is to see teens develop a solid and healthy relationship, first and foremost with Jesus and then also with each other. His goal is to provide a very safe place for all teens to get accurate biblical information, facilitate a strong relationship with Jesus, interact with their peers, and have fun!

Chris Barakat
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