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It is HPAG's vision to Connect through Faith, Truth, and Service!

We must first connect to our Heavenly Father through Jesus. This is done through personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Through this relationship, we then are to connect to our community or those around us. Our relationship with Christ is through Faith and based upon the Word of God! The Word of God is the truth that guides us in everything we do. As we are guided with Truth, we in turn serve others as we "love our neighbors" in life.


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 Meet Pastor David Barnes. Pastor David has been married to his wife Sharon for over forty-two years. They have two children and five grandchildren together. He has served in ministry for over thirty-eight years as a Youth Pastor, Singles Pastor, and Associate Pastor. He is currently leading High Point Assembly of God as our Senior Pastor. He powerfully demonstrates his personality in his passion for people through love and laughter. As Pastor, He promotes an atmosphere of growth and servanthood for others in our church and community. His mission is to create a culture of people who find freedom in knowing God, discover their purpose through relationships, and make a difference by serving others in truth and love. You can find Pastor David greeting, sharing his smile and humor, and welcoming people on Sunday worship services.  

David Barnes



 Meet Sharon Barnes. Sharon is our Pastor's wife. Together they have two children and five grandchildren. She is a retired teacher who loves family, reading, and animals. Her passion is to be a helper in any way needed. Her purpose is to be a helpmate to her husband and take care of their household. 

Sharon Barnes

Pastor's Wife

Church Board


Meet Mike Johnson. Mike is like most men who like hunting, fishing, and mostly just being outdoors. He is a widower with two sons married to great women and has blessed him with seven grandkids. Mike is currently serving as a Deacon on the church board at HPAG. He likes to help out with anything I can and is passionate about spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He says, "I love to see people's faces when they realize GOD is real." 

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Meet Corey Alsobrook. Corey has been married to his wife Sheila for thirty years. Together, they have five children and four grandchildren. Corey owns his own business, and he enjoys raising Texas longhorn cattle. He has been a High Point member for over twenty-eight years and is currently serving on the church board. Corey's passion is to see his heart's actions grow our church in population and grow people closer to Jesus. He believes in taking every opportunity to glorify God in everything he does. 

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Meet Chris Barakat. Chris has been married to Rita for thirty years with five children and one grandchild. He really enjoys spending time with family as much as possible. Chris and Rita have been involved in ministry as long as they have been married. Together, they directed Youth Choirs and Drama teams and participated in traveling ministry. Chris serves as High Point Youth Pastor and on the Worship Team helping with the audio production, and is also a Deacon on the Church Board. His passions are many, but his true calling is in Youth ministries. He states, "I can remember my time as a teen and how truly difficult it was to navigate those years, even if you are in a great family situation." Therefore his purpose is to see teens develop a solid and healthy relationship, first and foremost with Jesus and then also with each other. His goal is to provide a very safe place for all teens to get accurate biblical information, facilitate a strong relationship with Jesus, interact with their peers, and have fun!  

Mike Johnson

Church Board Deacon

Corey Alsobrook

Church Board Deacon

Chris Barakat

Church Board Deacon / Youth Leader


Meet William Archer. Will has been married for forty-two years and has three children. He enjoys golf when he can and also target shooting. He serves on the High Point multimedia team managing the live video web broadcasts and is on the church Board. Will is passionate about reaching out to others and encouraging them. 

William Archer

Church Board Deacon / Media Team

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Meet Harvey Loosier. Harvey is married and has a blended family with seven children. Six girls and one boy, including a grandson and granddaughter, along with four fur babies. Harvey currently serves as High Point Men's leader and is a Deacon. He is passionate about helping men open their hearts to Jesus Christ and is purposely living to be a Fisher of Men. 

Harvey Loosier

Church Board Deacon / Men's Leader

Ministry Leaders

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Meet Rita Barakat. Rita has been married to her husband, Chris, for thirty years. Together they have five children and one grandchild. She is always busy with her three teens and running her own business as a mixed media artist. She loves spending time with her family and making Art. Rita found her calling ever since she heard her first worship song. She is a talented singer and is passionate about leading our worship team at High Point. Every week, you can find her leading our home church into the presence of God. When she isn't worshiping in singing, she is serving with her other passion, the Youth. She purposefully grows the Worship Team with in-depth relationships with our Lord and in-depth ability and versatility on the platform and within our congregation. In her own words. "I love to serve, and it is my pleasure and honor to do so here at High Point!"  

Rita Barakat

Worship Leader


Meet Tammy Wilbanks. Tammy is married with five children and six grandchildren. She is currently serving as High Point Women's Leader because God has called her in a Women's Ministry. She is passionate about serving God and His people by helping others find Christ and encouragement in a fallen world. Tammy lives to be an ambassador for Christ in sharing His love and truth practically and purposefully. 

Tammy Wilbanks

Women's Leader

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Meet Melissa Loosier. Melissa is married to her husband, Harvey Loosier. Together, they have a blended family with seven children, grandchildren, and four fur babies. Melissa currently serves as a Connection & Hospitality leader at High Point Assembly of God. She is constantly searching for what she is most passionate about but is willing to serve our church and our Pastor's needs because of her humble heart.

Melissa Loosier

Connection & Hospitality Leader

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Meet Ricky Johnson. Ricky is married to his wife Robbie and has four children together. In his earliest years, He studied music at Southwestern Assemblies of God University and is a certified minister within the Assemblies of God. As a transportation business owner, He travels all over the United States. Since he was four years old, Ricky has been attending HPAG. Ricky is currently serving in an associate pastor role overseeing small group ministries, teaching and preaching, and serving in the worship ministry. His passion for music gives him the pleasure of leading people into worship. Not only is Ricky a talented musician, but He is also a humble and intellectual leader. As a young boy, he was called to a discipleship ministry because he felt God gave him a gift to teach and preach with clarity that challenges people to think. 

Ricky Johnson

Small Groups Leader

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Meet Cody Alsobrook. Cody is engaged to an amazing woman named Holly and is preparing for marriage soon. He teaches at a private school and enjoys playing basketball. Cody has been raised in church his entire life and is currently serving as Children's Pastor At High Point. He is passionate about encouraging and strengthening the next generation by teaching them to be leaders who pursue righteousness and embody the Father's love wherever they go. He believes that he is to love God and love others wherever that may be.

Cody Alsobrook

HP Kids Leader - Ages 5-11

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Lonnie Ferguson

Seniors Bible Ministry


Meet Barbara Archer. Barbara is married has three adults "children." She enjoys walking outdoors and reading. Her skills in solving puzzles and working with numbers give her the benefit of serving as our bookkeeper at High Point. As our Prayer Coordinator, she desires to touch God's heart and see people healed, delivered, and be set free in Christ Jesus. Barbara is also one of our children's church workers. She believes the kids are fantastic and have so much potential. She is passionate about helping, blessing, and learning about people and is purposefully worshiping the Lord in whatever she does. 

Barbara Archer

Prayer Coordinator / Bookkeeper

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Meet Laura Barrett. Laura serves as the preschool ministry leader for HPAG. She has a passion for children, especially the littlest ones. Laura is a graduate from Evangel University with a degree in early childhood education and has been working and ministering in the field ever since. In addition to her work at HPAG, she works full time as a preschool teacher in Rowlett. She is married to Jason and has three elementary-aged children. 

Laura Barrett

HP Kids Leader - Ages 3-5 /


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Linda Ferguson

Seniors Bible Ministry