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Ricky and Robbie Johnson

Team Pastor

Pastor Ricky and Robbie have four children together. He studied music at Nelson University and is a licensed minister with the Assemblies of God. As a transportation business owner, he travels all over the United States.

Pastor Ricky has attended High Point since he was four years old. He is currently serving in an associate pastor role equipping spiritual life ministries, teaching and preaching, and serving in the worship ministry. His passion for music gives him the pleasure of leading people into worship. Not only is Ricky a talented musician, but he is also a humble and intellectual leader. As a young boy, he was called to a teaching ministry because he felt God gave him a gift to teach and preach with clarity that challenges people to think.

Robbie serves in our High Point Kids ministry and coordinates our mealtrain food ministry serving families that are sick or grieving.


Ricky and Robbie Johnson
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